Jemma Lucy reveals she was catfished by a man claiming to be Conor McGregor

The CBB star said that fake profiles often get in touch with her


Reality star Jemma Lucy has revealed that she was catfished by a man who pretended to be Conor McGregor.

The glamour model explained that strangers often get in touch with her online pretending to be celebrities.

“For a few years now I’ve been cat-fished – I feel like I’ve got a stalker. It’s scary because of the amount of time it happens,” she told the Sun.

Jemma revealed that the MMA fighter hoax was the worst one she can remember.

“Conor McGregor was the scariest one. I got a phone call from a guy and he was Irish and told me he was Conor McGregor.

The culprit is claiming to be Conor.
The culprit is claiming to be Conor.

“I told him he was lying and he was begging me to believe him. He said he would Facetime me but said he was walking to a car from his hotel.”

The imposter even got people to help him with the elaborate lie.

“I heard him go outside and there are like ten different voices shouting, ‘Conor, please! Please can I have a picture, Conor?’

“People were beeping car horns and shouting at him.”

She added that he claimed her couldn’t video chat because of his ‘wife’.

“He’d send me messages begging me to meet him. It sounded so real but I know it can’t be true.

“It terrified me because how real he tried to make it. The last time he got in touch I pressed Facetime and I thought, I’m going to look now because he could be the real thing. He put the phone on TV and said ‘You can’t see my, I’ve got a wife!’

“I blocked him after that because I was scared how real it sounded.”

Jemma also said that 10 different people got in touch pretending they were Conor’s opponent Floyd Matweather over the years.

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