“It’s been a very strange couple of years…” Brian Kennedy opens up about cancer treatment

He has been undergoing chemotherapy

He's given fans an update
He’s given fans an update

Brian Kennedy has given fans an update on his cancer diagnosis, as he continues his treatment.

The singer, who was first diagnosed back in 2016, has continued his busy career in music and has now landed a radio show on Clare FM, Life, Love and Happiness.

Speaking out about his journey since he was diagnosed, the 52-year-old gave an update on his treatment.

“It’s been a very strange couple of years and the first year was just taking it all in,” Brian told Matt Cooper on The Last Word on Today FM radio.

“I started treatment, I started radiation and chemo and of course, I also then started a conversation with the rest of the country and in some places, the rest of the world where people via the internet were saying “do this, don’t do this” because there are so many opinions out there,”

Brian Kennedy informs fans that he's not out of the woods yet. PIC: VIP Ireland
Brian Kennedy informs fans that he’s not out of the woods yet. PIC: VIP Ireland

“I’m about to have surgery in a couple of weeks for the first time in my life. I will be glad when it’s happened because there’s something final about that.

“I’m nervous because I’ve never had surgery before so I’m a little bit terrified.”

The star first announced he was battling the disease in 2016, revealing that he ‘didn’t tell anyone for a week,’

“I was misdiagnosed, but I just had a feeling, I just didn’t feel as well as I normally feel,” he said.

“I asked for a colonoscopy and when I woke up from the operation my doctor said ‘Brian, you have a tumour in your rectum’. I was so shocked I couldn’t even talk, then the reality sinks in.

“I didn’t tell anyone for a week.”

Best wishes to Brian!


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