“It’s a man’s world!” Amanda Brunker calls for equality for women

The former Miss Ireland says we live in an unequal society

Amanda has spoken out about our "unequal society"
Amanda has spoken out about our “unequal society”

She admits that she can be a man-basher, but tv personality Amanda Brunker insists she has every right to do so as we “live in an unequal society”.

The author, aspiring playwright and former Miss Ireland has spoken out about how it’s a “man’s world”, but added that women need to help each other when it comes to careers too.

The mum-of-two told the Herald today: “I can be a little bit of a man-basher and with every right.”

“We live in an unequal society,” the outspoken star said. “It is a man’s world and, like many women, I have been paid less than men for doing exactly the same job and been utterly shocked when I found out.

“In 2015, you’d think we are so evolved as a society but we are actually not. It is quite hard for women out there and I don’t think women help each other enough.”

Amanda's new play is about "female seduction"
Amanda’s new play is about “female seduction”


Amanda continued: “I don’t feel that many women have helped me down through the years, but that still isn’t going to stop me from, in a small part, hopefully, helping others.”

The 40-year-old is currently gearing up for her new play ‘Curiosity’, which stars Leigh Arnold and Norma Sheahan. It will be broadcast first on radio this Sunday at 7 p.m on Sunshine Radio 106.8FM and then take to the stage at Smock Alley Theatre in October for three weeks.

Stars of Curiosity: Leigh Arnold and Norma Sheahan
Stars of Curiosity: Leigh Arnold and Norma Sheahan

Amanda says her play deals with “female seduction, casual homophobia and cheating husbands.”

She has also admitted that she will only allow her mother to hear the first part of the three-part play, as it gets “kind of lusty”.


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