Irish celebs react to US Presidential election results


Yesterday our Twitter feeds exploded with joy as Joe Biden was named President Elect of the United States. After a gruelling 4 day vote count, the world breathed a sigh of relief when the results were finally called.

Counting began on Tuesday but Covid-19 meant far more mail-in ballots than usual which slowed down the process.

Kamala Harris will be joining Joe Biden in the White House as Vice President Elect, the first female and woman of colour to do so. Whatever your politics, itโ€™s a historic moment for America.

Many Irish celebs were quick to share their excitement at the news on social media yesterday too!

Amy Huberman was happy to hear the news, but couldn’t quite celebrate how she wanted as she’s expecting baby number three;

“YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Party on the couch and opening a fresh bottle of Gavison to celebrate!”

Paul Mescal simply shared a snap of his TV as the news was announced captioned; “Happy Christmas.”

Dawn O’Porter and Chris O’Dowd went for a drive after the news was announced to join the throngs of people celebrating in the streets.

“Just as we stopped outside the fire station the rain started. We cried and cheered the fire fighters. RAIN. They looked so happy. And then, just like that, a rainbow over Santa Monica Boulevard. This is beautiful.”

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