Ian Madigan opens up after yesterday’s big rugby win: “Seeing mum and dad got the better of me at the end”

The heroic player got emotional after beating France

Real men DO cry!
Real men DO cry!

We’ve all seen the pictures of Ian Madigan shedding a tear after yesterday’s big win against France, and he’s now admitted he got emotional when he saw his proud parents cheering him on.

Images of the Dubliner having a post-match cry have gone viral, with fans of the game saying they symbolise the passion for playing rugby and the sheer pride of representing your country on an international scale.

Ian took to his Instagram to open up about what caused the lump in his throat, captioning a collage of the spectacular Irish team with: “Incredible support from home and in the Millennium yesterday. Seeing mum and dad got the better of me at the end.”

Ian is clearly full of pride - and deservedly so
Ian is clearly full of pride from this pic he shared – and deservedly so

It’s also emerged that his cheeky team members are taking the mickey out of his tears, nicknaming him Paul Gascoigne after the English soccer player’s emotional moment in the 1990 World Cup.

“Mads? ‘Yeah, the boys were calling him Gazza inside there at breakfast,” Rob Kearney joked.

“I think it was a day where he really stood up. We needed him to come on and really take control of things and he did. It was brilliant.”

Jamie shared this amazing collage today
Jamie shared this amazing collage today

Also sharing memories from the team’s special day in Cardiff yesterday was Jamie Heaslip, who wrote: “An experience this group will never forget. #shouldertoshoulder

And Conor Murray, who was recently voted the sexiest player on the team, also took to Twitter, captioning his collage with: “An unforgettable day yesterday, support was mind blowing! Same place next week.”


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