George Hook opens up about his own sexual confusion

"I got my kicks from wearing women's knickers in bed."

George Hook made a shocking revealtion on last night's Seven O'Clock Show
George Hook made some shocking revelations

George Hook has opened up about his own sexual confusion growing up.

The broadcaster has spoken out for the first time about his exploring his sexuality when he was a young boy.

The 75-year-old revealed to the Sunday independent that one of the elements of his exploration was wearing women’s undergarments.

He said, “I wore ladies’ underwear when I was a schoolboy. I was 14. I used to steal them from the drawers of a mother of a school friend of  mine.

“I did it because I liked it.”

George's hate mail is vile


George then went on to say he would have liked the opportunity to explore his sexuality further when he was young but the stigma attached to being gay or transgender in the 1950’s meant he couldn’t.

He said, “It was really interesting as to where I might have gone at that point – at 14. Now, there was no way I could have gone anywhere else if I was gay, I’d go to jail because it was illegal, and you never heard of a transgender person in 1956, so I wasn’t going anywhere.

“At 14 (nowadays), every second person you meet is gay, so wearing women’s clothes isn’t a problem anymore. If I was 14 and wearing women’s knickers now, who knows that I wouldn’t be transgender? The reason I wasn’t was because of society.”

When questioned as to whether he wore any other items of women’s clothing he replied saying, “No, I only wore knickers. It was difficult to steal too much stuff. And I could hardly go and buy it.”

George never fails to surprise us!

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