George Hook breaks down on Saturday Night with Miriam

This was hard to watch.

He got emotional on last night's show.
He got emotional on last night’s show.

George Hook broke down into tears on Saturday Night with Miriam last night.

The broadcaster became upset when speaking about his relationship with his parents in their old age.

The rugby guru was full of harsh criticism for himself over his poor treatment of his parents in their final years.

He told Miriam, “I treated my parents so badly in their old age. I can never… not a day passes that I don’t think about it.

“Why? Is there an excuse? Of course there’s no excuse.”

george hook

George became visibly more upset as he went on to describe the factors that lead to him neglecting his parents at the time.

He said, “Remember I’m bankrupt, I’m about to be evicted, I’m near suicide, my life is in manure. I’m trying to keep that going.

“Because I can’t hold down my job or I can’t do anything right, marriage isn’t exactly a bed of roses so I’ve got to try and keep that going.

“And my parents suffered, you know? I didn’t go and see them and I didn’t do those things… and I should have, I just should have and I didn’t.

“Only a sh*t would do that.”

Viewers of the show were impressed and moved by George’s honesty and they took to Twitter to show their admiration for the seventy-five-year old.

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We really admire your honesty, George!


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