Exclusive! Roz Purcell admits she hasn’t read Bressie’s book yet – but she’s “so proud”

The model said she's hoping to get started on 'Me and My Mate Jeffrey’ this weekend

We chatted to Roz at #WarehouseAW15 today
We chatted to Roz at #WarehouseAW15 today

Voice of Ireland star Bressie’s book on his mental health journey is hitting shelves next week, but his model girlfriend Roz Purcell has admitted she hasn’t read a copy yet.

But the stunning 24-year-old told VIP at the Warehouse AW15 event this morning that she is hoping to get started on ‘Me and My Mate Jeffrey’ this weekend, and is hugely proud of her musician beau.

“The first copy actually arrived to the house yesterday, so I’d say it was so surreal for him,” she commented. “Obviously mine’s coming out soon (Roz is releasing a healthy eating cook book in February) and I can’t wait to hold mine, so I was like ‘how do you feel!?’ I’d say it’s kind of weird holding a book with you on the front cover!”

The foodie added that she didn’t have any input into the rocker’s latest project: “He just went away and did it, I had nothing to do with it. Obviously I know quite a bit about his life, but it’ll be interesting to read from start to finish, it’ll be strange.

The couple are a positive influence on each other
The couple are a positive influence on each other

“I can’t wait to read it, but obviously it’s a very deep book and it’s very brave for him to talk so openly about what he went through. Parts of it might be upsetting to read because I didn’t know him when he was at that stage of his life when everything was affecting him the most. It’ll be interesting to see what it was really like for him.”

She also laughed off any competition between herself and her boyfriend in the book stakes, saying you can’t compare a cook book and an autobiography. But what would Bressie’s cook book be like if he was ever to release one!?

“It’d be funny because there’d be so many different recipes, but they’d all taste the same… like there’d be a stew or a curry, or whatever and they ALL taste the same,” she joked.

“He is quite a good cook though. He’s really healthy now – he’s into his juicing, and getting all his veggies and he was terrible before.”

And although Bressie’s book details his difficulties with depression and anxiety throughout his teens and into adulthood, Roz says he’s such a positive person these days that it rubs off on her.

“I may have been a good influence on him with his eating, but he’s been a great influence on me with mindfulness and not letting the little things getting to you.

“He tells me not to let things get on top of me and to keep my stress levels down, and he’s been a hugely positive influence in that way. It’s nice to surround yourself with positive people – you get way more done!”



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