EXCLUSIVE: Is Claudine Keane set for reality tv?

This would certainly be entertaining

Claudine could have been headed for the small screen
Claudine could have been headed for the small screen

Claudine Keane has opened up about the possibility of starring in her own reality tv show, admitting that while she’s been approached, it’s not something she’d like to be involved in at the moment.

The model spoke exclusively to VIP Magazine, revealing that she has been approached both in Ireland and America to star in a reality tv show with her family, but doesn’t feel like she’s ready to put her whole life out there.

The Dubliner said, “We were asked to do a reality show for an Irish tv show, but also in America. I feel like you have to be in a place in life where you’re just very open to everything and you want to give everything and be an open book. That’s the thing with me: I dip in and out of things.

“I like to focus on the kids and the family, because we have a lot going on. I don’t know if it’d be for me. I’m very protective over my family, so I wonder how that would work for me.”

The happy family
The happy family

The Irish beauty also spoke about her time in America, admitting that while it’s home for now, herself and Robbie will never let their kids, Robbie Jnr and Hudson, forget their roots.

“It took me a while to adjust, but I can’t complain. There’s so much there to do, and it’s an incredible place to bring your children up. There are huge opportunities and memories we can create in LA. I will come back at some stage, however at the moment it’s a very exciting place and a great opportunity to live there.

“Robert comes home to Ireland and has a bedroom. It all stays the same. He rings back a week or two before he comes and asks if his teddy still there and he’ll check in. He’s very much Irish and knows that. He has an Irish accent still, but he loves it over in the States.”

Claudine was over in Ireland very recently, and during her stay, was supporting Spar’s Better Choices campaign – one which is very close to her heart.

She said, “So obviously as a mom of two, I’m always busy and on the go. There’s always that worry about if you’re giving your kids the proper nutrition and also just for me, the whole ‘Better Choice’ initiative, is about making simple choices with food.

How cute is little Robbie?
How cute is little Robbie?


“For me, I have to get up at 6.30am, Robert has to be in school at 7.30. I’ve got Hudson and Robert and I don’t have a nanny for various reasons, so I am packing his lunch and throwing bits in, but this range makes it so simple.

“You can’t be unrealistic and you need to have a balance. Everyone deserves treats. What they are doing is very clever. They basically marked every section that’s better choice in the store. It’s so functional. I just love it. It’s great.”

Claudine is currently in France supporting Robbie, but last night endured a Euros ordeal.

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