EXCLUSIVE: Holly Carpenter: “I can be insecure”

We LOVE her honesty!

Top model Holly Carpenter has opened up exclusively to VIP about her insecurities, proving that even if you have the looks, you still can have issues with your confidence.

The Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model star has admitted that when there are pictures in circulation of her looking great, she feels good about herself. However, when she is away from the airbrushing and good lighting, she can’t help but feel “paranoid” and worries that if she were to “meet someone in person, they are going to think, ‘Oh, she’s not that good looking in person.'”

23-year-old Holly juggles a hectic modelling career and a hugely popular social media presence, after a blog post went viral earlier this year.

Keeping it real: Holly is still top of her game |Naomi Gaffey

While lots of high profile personalities can be reluctant to discuss anything more than their professional life, Holly is the exception, preferring to be honest and open – hence why we love her!

She says: “I’ve always been honest, I don’t like to have a filter”.

“I think it’s actually ok to come across as normal, and I’ve come to learn that even the most beautiful women can be insecure.”

The Dublin model, who’s now single, also revealed that she didn’t go looking for a sports star when she started seeing Cian, but she would be open to dating another. “I was in a very public relationship, so there were always loads of pictures of us together on my social media,” she said.

Holly would not parade her next relationship on social media
Holly and ex boyfriend Cian Healy: Holly would not parade her next relationship on social media

“And when the relationship was over, those pictures were brought back up and published everywhere, and you kind of think, ‘I wish I was a bit more private about things’.

“I didn’t really go out looking for it when I started dating Cian; it just happened.”

Savvy: Holly has learned from previous failed relationships |Naomi Gaffey

The former Miss Ireland has officially stepped into the world of online dating and has signed up to Tinder recently, after it emerged someone was impersonating her on the app.

“I was curious and wanted to see what it all was about” she told us.

“I think it’s shallow, but I don’t see any embarrassment with it and if it helps people get together and got for a drink then I’m all for it-I’ve swiped right for a few stranger. I prefer when we have mutual friends then you can find out what they’re really like.”

Read Holly’s full and frank interview in this months VIP magazine, in stores now:


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