Louise O’Reilly’s top tips for women struggling with body confidence

The plus-size model is an advocate for embracing your curves

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Louise wears Evans in VIP Magazine | Lili Forberg


Louise O’Reilly has offered some practical and helpful tips for women to embrace their body at any size.

The blogger and model often gets praised online for her honest posts about body diversity and unedited photos.

As a plus size model, she is often looked up to as a role model for women of all shapes and sizes

In the new issue of VIP Magazine, Louise models stunning looks from Evans in a fabulous photoshoot.

She discusses her body, her blog and even being bullied.

Speaking exclusively to VIP Online, the gorgeous model has shared her advice to anyone struggling to love the skin they are in.

Louise wearing Evans VIP Magazine | Lili Forberg
Louise wearing Evans VIP Magazine | Lili Forberg

Be mindful of who you follow online

Firstly, Louise says a massive factor is what and who we follow on our social media pages.

“A big part of it is to stop comparing yourself to other people, We’re in the digital age so it’s very difficult to do that, what I recommend is being more conscious about who you’re following online.

“Look at people that you can identify with, especially when it comes to body types and that will definitely help, because you’re not comparing yourself to much smaller sizes,” she said.

Some fashion and beauty pages online can be flooded with petite girls with abs and perfectly golden skin, this can have a negative toll on people with low self-esteem.

The model adds, “Not everyone is meant to be a size eight, and if you’re not, it’s much better to follow someone who might reflect your own lifestyle and size.

When you consider how much time we spend on our phones, it will make a difference.”

Instagram Louise O Reilly
Instagram Louise O Reilly

Stop dissing your body

Louise, who blogs as StyleMeCurvy, also emphasises how important it is to stop negative thoughts and talk about your own figure.

“Try to lower the negative talk you have with yourself, Irish women are terrible at doing it. If you’re finding yourself spending hours in the morning and evening staring at yourself in the mirror, cut it out.”

Shop for your size

The blogger reveals that there is a dangerous trend among Irish women in which we buy clothes that are too small as an incentive to lose weight.

“Stop buying something that doesn’t fit you as goal. It’s a very Irish thing to say ‘buy a few sizes to small’ and it will give motivation,” she says.

VIP Magazine | Lili Forberg
Louise wearing Evans | VIP Magazine | Lili Forberg

Be active

Louise stressed that you should look after your body, as staying active in some shape or form is great for your well-being.

“I’m really big into fitness, and I love working out, because I think it’s great for your mental health, but it’s having a negative affect if you’re aiming to be a certain size to fit into something in your wardrobe that is far too small. It’s a constant reminder every time you open a wardrobe if it doesn’t fit.

“We all have those days where we have nothing to wear, and you’re looking at those small clothes as opposed to buying what fits you and gradually giving away clothes if they don’t fit you and being okay with that.”

You can check out more from Louise O’ Reilly and all the stunning shots of the model in the September issue of VIP Magazine, on shelves now.

All Louise’s looks are from Evans, you can check them out here.

You can shop her shirt and demin skirt look here.

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