EVICTED! Marc O’Neill gets the boot from the BB house

The Irish man was the tenth person to be voted off the show, but is happy to be out.

The house will be very quiet without him
The Dubliner is happy to be back in the outside world

Despite being evicted from the Big Brother house last night, Marc O’Neill admitted that it wasn’t much of a shock to him.

He has been known for winding people up in the house, and unsurprisingly, the housemates didn’t find it as funny as he did.

Speaking to Emma Willis directly after his eviction, Marc said, “I was arguing with them because I was bored out of my mind. They sit there and be happy, and it’s like, f**k this, so it made me happy [to antagonise them]. I was doing it on purpose to annoy them. If they didn’t nominate me, I’d feel disappointed. I wanted to mess with their heads. I love it. I push people too far.”

Honesty is the best policy: Marc wasn't afraid to say what he thought about people...
Honesty is the best policy: Marc wasn’t afraid to say what he thought about people…

Another housemate who pushed people too far and wasn’t afraid to say exactly what she thought, was Helen Wood. The pair formed a strong friendship in the house, much to the dismay of the other contestants.

Discussing his friendship with Helen Wood, Marc said, “Helen is very outspoken but if I thought she was over the line, it must have been quite bad. I like her and will be a loyal friend. I don’t think she went too far apart from what she said to Brian, which I think was bad.”

His involvement with Helen wasn't appreciated by fellow housemates
His involvement with Helen wasn’t appreciated by fellow housemates

The event with Brian ultimately lead to Marc’s downward spiral in popularity in the house, but he wants to move past it now. Marc is happy to be in the outside world again, with people who support him.

“I got the blame for the whole Brian thing, and it is hard being on your own. I am happy I’m gone, and they will be happy in the house,” he said.


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