Everyone is saying the same thing about Conor McGregor in Dee’s latest snap

Fans are pretty confused.

Conor with his longtime love Dee at the VIP Style Awards
Conor with his longtime love Dee at the VIP Style Awards

Conor McGregor is known not only for his fighting but for his use of social media.

The UFC champ uses Instagram to keep his fans updated on his sporting and personal life, and well as showing off how he spends his hard earned wealth.

Dee, on the other hand, is a less frequent Instagram user.

The latest photo she posted is causing quite a stir, with everyone wondering the same thing.

The mum-of-one posted a pic of herself and boyfriend Conor draped in designer gear on their travels.

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While Dee looks delighted, fans feel that Conor looks less than impressed.

“He doesn’t look happy der now in fairness. she looks fab,” one follower said.

Several people even compared the fighter to a ‘bold child’!

“Conor looking like a child who’s huffing cause he has to get a photo” one said.

Another added. “Why does he always look so miserable? That’s your beautiful girlfriend beside you bruh, SMILE!”

Many of the comments on Dee’s page referenced the photos which recently emerged of Conor smiling with Rita Ora.

Many of Dee’s fans pointed out that Conor looked a lot happier in the photo with the Anywhere singer.

“Defo wasn’t wearing this look on his face when he got his pic with Rita and co.” One said.

“He’s quick to be all smiles with Rita but when his ‘wife’ take a pic he wants to be all types of dry and unhappy” another added.

“He looked happier in his pics with Rita Ora … Weird,” another added.

While we have to admit that Conor doesn’t exactly look delighted in this pic, he is known for often taking photos with this serious look.



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