Darren Kennedy reveals the dangerous and drastic measures he took to overcome body insecurities

He went through a very tough period trying to deal with it

He's been very honest
He’s been very honest

Darren Kennedy has opened up about body insecurities, revealing that he went through a very dangerous period of time when he stopped eating due to bullying taunts.

The top presenter admitted that he was very insecure in his own skin a number of years ago, and following comments from bullies, took drastic measures – but now realises just how dangerous it was.

He stopped eating properly, and lived off cereal for a couple of months.

Darren said, “When I started university, I started feeling very conscious about my physique. Some of that had come from slagging and bullying.

“I felt really uncomfortable in my own skin. There was a period of a couple of months were I was living on a bowl of cereal a day, and perhaps a sandwich. It was quite dangerous.”

It was a tough time in his life
It was a tough time in his life

Looking back at that time, Darren realises how unsafe it was and that the pressure put on people to look a certain way is unnecessary.

“The key is to feel good about yourself. There’s so much pressure on men, particularly young men, to be built and muscly and have a six-pack, and that’s a huge pressure. Women have also had this pressure for decades now.

“There isn’t only the Hollywood standard of how you should look. Reach that point that makes you feel good about yourself. We all have bad days. Even Brad Pitt in Fight Club had bad days,” he said.

Check out the full video below:

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