Could Bridget & Eamon be coming to the big screen?

We would love this!

These two make for comedy gold!
These two make for comedy gold!

Jennifer Zamparelli has revealed that her show Bridget and Eamon could be made into a movie.

The radio show host revealed that the success of the show has resulted in offers from filmmakers.

“We have been approached. It’s about getting the right time and the right script,” she said.

“The break is quite nice at the moment. You spend a lot of time on it. Filming 12-hour days and writing all the scripts.”

The third season proved popular among viewers here in Ireland but also from further a field.

Bridget and Eamon is popular in the UK and now in the US too thanks to Hulu.

 Jennifer Zamparelli
Jennifer Zamparelli

Jennifer revealed that they have already signed up for a fourth season.

“We have done our third season and UK Gold want another one, so it’s great.”

Jennifer plays Bridget on the show, who’s husband Eamon is played by Bernard O’ Shea.

The two work together on RTE radio’s breakfast republic alongside Keith Walsh.

Jen previously revealed to VIP that this series was a lot of fun to make.

“It’s very different this season,” she told VIP.

'Ah Bridget!'. PIC: VIP Ireland
‘Ah Bridget!’. PIC: VIP Ireland

“We have Ciara O’Callaghan from Fair City, she is absolutely phenomenal in it. She’s amazing, she plays a camogie coach who is pretty strong minded and strong willed.

“We also have Deirdre O’Kane playing my mammy! She is the ultimate Irish mammy, so it was great to work with her. She gave me lots of great advice and I learned a lot from her.

“She’s really really funny, and she got to grope my husband’s arse, because he’s in it as well.”

The star added that because she’s been with her husband so long, she didn’t mind.

“I took a video of it on my phone, he’s half naked so what do wives do in those situations? We video it on our mobile phones.

“We’re together 10 years so at that stage it’s like ‘oh whatever’.

“But it was great fun. It was the end of the run, we were a bit tired but it brought a new lease of life. They were fantastic so it was great to work with them,”

We’d love to see Bridget and Eamon the movie!

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