Conor McGregor responds to THOSE Game of Thrones rumours

There has been widespread rumours that the Dublin fighter might be featured in the upcoming series

He was rumoured to be taking part in the show
He was rumoured to be taking part in the show

Conor McGregor has responded to rumours that he’ll be appearing on Game of Thrones, admitting that he was never officially offered a role.

Despite whispers going around that the MMA star would feature in the upcoming series, Conor admitted that while someone did say it to him in passing after a fight, there were no meetings held afterwards.

Speaking to Good Times Network, Conor said,”That [Game of Thrones rumour] was everywhere and I’ve never even heard about it.

He's not gonna be on the show any time soon
He’s not gonna be on the show any time soon

“I heard about it once after [a fight]… They were in front of me and they were saying, ‘These [people] want you to be in Game of Thrones‘. I’m banged up, my shin’s in a heap, I’ve been kicking his (opponent) knee straight for 25 minutes, my leg’s in bits, and he’s trying to offer me a Game of Thrones role!

“I’m saying, ‘Listen, come at me with s*** I want to hear; I’m not trying to be in show business, I’m trying to be in the fight business… Come at me with a real number to fight again.

“That was the only time I ever heard [about] Game of Thrones, and it went everywhere, like, months later! I don’t know where that came from. But I’ve never been in contact with nobody from Game of Thrones.”

Meanwhile, the dad-to-be has opened up about fatherhood and his future career in MMA, revealing that the only person who will break his records, are is son.

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