Claire Byrne quits Twitter to escape nasty trolls

The RTE presenter has had enough.

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RTE presenter Claire Byrne has quit Twitter after online attacks and nasty comments became too much for her.

The host has been very open about the abuse she faces on social media, but has admitted that she’s now finished putting up with it.

Speaking to The Herald, Claire said, “I know there’ll be stuff on there about how I look and what I wear – and I just don’t need to see that.”

Claire has had enough of the bullies

She can’t understand why people write nasty things online, especially to complete strangers.

“I don’t really know what’s wrong with people that they have to attack people online. I’m not just talking about people in my position. It’s teenagers and lots of other people. It’s a strange thing that people think it’s okay to sit down and write something deeply offensive on a keyboard and press ‘send’,” she said.

The presenter was encouraged by her fiancé to leave the social media website after he saw how much the comments were upsetting her.

“I stopped using Twitter because it was actually my fiancé Gerry who said to me, ‘I don’t know why you’re inviting these people into our home.’ Because if you’re sitting at home trying to have a family life and you’re looking at all these nasty things and it’s affecting you, what’s the point?” she said.

RTE have no issues with the star deleting her social media accounts, and she feels “absolutely no pressure” to get her Twitter account back.

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