Cha-ching! Conor McGregor calls for competition in the ring

Could this be his cheekiest post yet?

He always knows how to push people's buttons..
He’s certainly not afraid to show off his dollar bills!

Conor McGregor has called for competition in the ring, following his on-going string of success.

The Dubliner, who recently made history by becoming the first fighter to hold two UFC belts simultaneously, posed with handfuls of money, begging for a new opponent to take him on.

Under the cheeky snap, Conor said, “Hello, I’d like to order some competition please. I don’t have any!”

It seems his calls may have been answered, as UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov has requested to fight the Crumlin native.

The UFC champ
The UFC champ

Khabib shared a screen grab online of texts he had sent to Conor, taunting him.

He said, “Conor, you’re the champion now, you need to fight with me. If you run every time you look in the mirror, you’re not going to respect yourself, your kid’s not going to respect you, your family won’t respect you.

“Die like a Samurai. Don’t chicken out please. I know I’m a bad matchup for you but you’re the champion and you need to fight the best. It’s ok.

We doubt he'd be too happy about this
We doubt he’d be too happy about this

“Die like Irish warriors, don’t run like chicken. Irish people have history and fight for a long time. You need to represent your people with honour.”

We wonder what Conor will have to say about this…

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