Celebrities rally behind Sinead O’Connor after online meltdown

They’re really looking out for the singer.

Sinead is "safe and well" but her friends are rallying around her
Sinead is “safe and well” but her friends are rallying around her

Following Sinead O’Connor’s worrying social media updates over the past couple of days, a number of celebrities have rallied behind her in a bid to encourage the singer to bounce back from her recent ordeals.

Sinead admitted over the weekend that she was in a very bad place in her life. She revealed that she was going through a number of personal family difficulties, as well as suffering from PTSD.

The troubled star also revealed that she had attempted an overdose, but was found by Gardai, and brought to hospital. A host of stars have since rallied behind the singer, including Bob Geldof.

“She’s a great friend, that’s the first thing you need to know,” he said to Radio Nova.

Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof is trying to be there for her

“I think she’s miraculous. I think she’s clearly a great artist, we know that. But beyond that, she has her troubles and we get along fantastically well.

“She’s just a great, great spirit, and sometimes that is exhausting. The spirit probably internally fades a little, but that’s not her natural life. She’ll be back.”

Also getting behind Sinead is Aslan star Christy Dignman who has revealed he’d be happy to have her move in with him and his wife when she gets out of hospital.

Sinead revealed over the weekend that she needs a new home and a new job, and Christy has jumped to her aid.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, he said, “I was reading about it on the internet and my wide said, ‘Sure we’ll give her a room here’. It’s absolutely tragic.

He wants to offer her somewhere to stay
He wants to offer her somewhere to stay

“I know Sinead. She’s a lovely, lovely girl and she’s going through a lot. This could be somewhere for her to recharge her batteries.”

Last night Sinead begged her family to go see her in hospital. Posting on Facebook, she said, “To hear that you were here and left was agony. Now I feel utterly alone.

“Please come to the hospital and spend time with me and help fix all this. I’m begging you.”

Her social media account has since been taken down.

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