Brian Kennedy opens up about ‘incredible’ reunion with estranged brother before his passing

The singer and his brother hadn't been on speaking terms for years.

Brian's delighted he got the chance to reunite with his brother.
Brian’s delighted he got the chance to reunite with his brother.

Brian Kennedy has opened up about his ‘incredible’ reunion with his estranged brother, who passed away earlier this month.

The Irish singer, who was diagnosed with rectal cancer in July, lost his brother Bap Kennedy to pancreas and bowel cancer at the beginning of the month.

After years of not speaking, Brian ensured the brothers buried their hatchet before Bap’s passing and he described their reunion as ‘incredible’.

“I went to see my brother – and we had a long period of estrangement – and I didn’t tell him I had cancer.” he told The Irish Mail on Sunday. “I just wanted to focus on the fact that he was so sick.”

“And unsurprisingly the cancer won in the end, but he was taking all kinds of drugs. He was just so unwell. I am so glad that I got to see him and chat with him; we spent around an hour and a half on our own, and it was incredible.”

Bap was also a talented musician.
Bap was also a talented musician.

Brian no longer feels any negativity towards his brother and has no regrets about their final final moments together. He also finds comfort in the fact that he is at peace now and no longer in pain.

“Someone stopped me today and said they were sorry for my loss, but it feels great that people are so positive about him. I don’t feel an ounce of negativity about him, and we had a real peaceful time together.

“The last thing we said to one another was: ‘I want me to think of you really peacefully and I want you to think of me really peacefully’. Then we tried to hug and he couldn’t really do it because he was so sore. That was the last time I saw him.

“I am not a big fan of funerals. I am comforted that his spirit was gone. Because that body was in such pain and now he has gone from that painful place”

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