Brian Kennedy opens up about dealing with his shocking cancer diagnosis: “I didn’t tell anyone for a week.”

His formerly estranged brother was also diagnosed with cancer last summer.

Brian Kennedy is battling cancer.
Brian Kennedy is battling cancer.

Brian Kennedy opened up about how he’s been coping with his cancer diagnosis on the Ray D’Arcy show last night.

The Irish singer was diagnosed with with rectum cancer in July when he underwent a colonoscopy after not feeling right for some time.

The 49-year-old told Ray that he’s been abiding by his treatment guidelines and he’s officially finished his chemotherapy and radiation treatment as of last Thursday.

“I’ve been following the treatment to the letter,” he explained.

I finished the chemotherapy and radiation treatment on Thursday so, I feel good I’m absolutely doing everything they’re telling me to do and most importantly I caught the tumour really early.”

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He continued performing despite his diagnosis.

Brian went on to explain that he was initially misdiagnosed, but knew something was wrong and insisted on getting a colonoscopy.

“I was misdiagnosed, but I just had a feeling, I just didn’t feel as well as I normally feel.” he said.

“I asked for a colonoscopy and when I woke up from the operation my doctor said ‘Brian, you have a tumour in your rectum’. I was so shocked I couldn’t even talk, then the reality sinks in.

“I didn’t tell anyone for a week.”

He also revealed that his brother, Bap Kennedy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two months before he discovered his own condition. Although the brothers were formerly estranged, the life changing diagnosis’ made them reconnect.

“My brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in May, he’s in palliative care and it’s not looking good.” he said. “We were estranged for a very long time and I went to see him and I’m so glad I did.”

Brian told Ray he’s now feeling great and he wants to encourage other men to get checked.

“I want to say to the gentlemen at home and in the audience you have to go and get checked. If you have an instinct go with it.”

We wish Brian a speedy recovery.

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