Anne Doyle reveals practical reason why she grew her fringe long

Anne Doyle and her fringe are truly an iconic duo.

But her blonde blunt fringe was more than just a fashion statement.

Anne has now revealed the practical reason why her fringe was so long.

She appeared on the Nine O’Clock Show on RTÉ Radio 1, where she revealed her hair secrets to Brendan Courtney.

Anne Doyle Pic: Brian McEvoy

“Probably rightly, I got into trouble for lifting my eyebrow. I didn’t do it intentionally, it’s a habit,” she explained about her time as a news presenter.

“And some woman wrote in a very fair and thoughtful letter, which was quite kind about me, she wasn’t hugely critical or anything, but she said that she really would like to draw attention to the fact that I was editorialising with my eyebrow.

“She had noticed that sometimes when I was dealing with something that quite clearly didn’t meet my particular approval, I was inclined to lift the old eyebrow.”

So Anne realised that she would have to train herself to stop being so expressive…or…cover her eyebrows.

Anne Doyle

“I had to sort of train myself to stop doing it and there was one easy way to go around this. Grow the fringe longer!”

We absolutely love that for Anne!

But it wasn’t her fringe she was on air to talk about, it was her new book, Tales of the Other World. As the title would suggest it’s all about spooky things.

She told Brendan about her own paranormal experiences.

PIC: VIP Ireland

Speaking about her run-in with a spirit, she said: “I probably saw her about five or six times. But she completely ignored you — you were a stranger and she wasn’t interested. She moved back and forward she seemed very busy and anxious.

“[She was] quite small, tiny really. Slight, grey hair, just moving around.”

She went on to say: “I wasn’t the only person who saw it, thank god — because I possibly would’ve doubted my own sanity if I was [alone]. I believe that sometimes you will see somebody or I will see somebody for which I know no other explanation.

“There may be very learned people who have robust, scientific explanations, and good luck to them. I haven’t, I’m not personally able to find any other way to seeing someone who isn’t there. Well, there are a few explanations, but the most charitable one if you’re relatively sane and sober is that you have seen something for which. there doesn’t seem to be an explanation.”

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