Amanda Brunker opens up on her love for Botox!

The 41-year-old says she has "no shame"

Amanda Brunker is a recent VIP shoot
Amanda Brunker is a recent VIP shoot

Many famous faces deny they’ve had “work done”, even when it’s glaringly obvious – but our favourite media personality Amanda Brunker says she’s “shameless” when it comes to her love for Botox.

The former beauty queen turned novelist, columnist and tv star has opened up about why she’s so honest about why she gets the procedure done – and we kind of love her even more for it!

Writing in the Irish Independent, Amanda scoffed at the title of Rosanna Davison’s new book Eat Yourself Beautiful, stating that sometimes people need a little bit of cosmetic help to keep themselves looking good.

“Thanks to Rosanna Davison, we’ve all been introduced to the term, eat yourself beautiful – but I don’t buy it,” she says. “Eat yourself slim? Yes it’s a no-brainer. Eat yourself healthy? Absolutely, nutrition is key. But eat yourself beautiful? No chance – that’s all down to genetics. And when those natural gifts start to age (which it will, no matter how hard you wish it not to), Botox is the only answer to curbing the rot.”

The 41-year-old claims that “cosmetic surgery is a booming industry” and plenty of people lie about having a nip and tuck – but she’s not afraid to admit it.

Whatever she's doing, she looked great in our latest VIP shoot!
Whatever she’s doing, she looked great in our latest VIP shoot!

“If you’ve ever wondered about women who seem to have it all, the ones who mysteriously never age? Botox is their dirty secret,” she said. “I love the benefits of what a little prick can bring me – insert your own jokes here – but as injections go, a Botox-filled syringe is the least painful and the most ego-enhancing one a person could ever get.”

She also admitted that she got “half a vile of Collagen” inserted into her lips but had an adverse reaction, but Botox always does the job she wants. “A more refreshed and younger-looking me emerged,” she said.

What do you think – do you agree with Amanda or do you believe in growing old naturally? Let us know in the comments section!


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