Amanda Brunker describes life as an atheist: “My two beautiful boys are perfectly happy without religion”

She says she's atheist and proud

Amanda, pictured at the Style Awards this year
Amanda, pictured at the Style Awards this year

Amanda Brunker is never shy on sharing her opinion, and this time the topic is on her experience living as an atheist.

The former beauty queen said she’s proud of her views, and said she raises her children without religion and they’re perfectly happy.

However, she said that she faces criticism from many, who deem her views as “unsavoury”.

“There’s a stigma attached to being an atheist,” she writes in the Irish Independent. “I’m the ‘weirdo’ who doesn’t pray; has no fear of God and doesn’t attend any church.”

Amanda explained that she was born Protestant, but her family lost their faith over the years, and no matter what happened – even the tragic death of her brother at age 37, she still “didn’t feel the calling of God.”

amanda brunker
Amanda and her boys in a recent VIP shoot

“My feelings resurfaced again when I had children. Everyone always has an opinion about how your children should be raised and the majority of folks around me were telling me I needed to baptise my sons and send them to a Catholic school,” she said.

“Catholic friends have accused me of being cruel to my children for not letting them make their first holy communion with their friends. I will you tell you the same thing I tell them – I’ve raised my children to be confident enough in themselves to know they don’t need to always run with the pack.”

She continued: “Yes, some of their class have made mean comments about the fact that they don’t go to mass and try to make them feel bad about the amount of money they make from their Holy Communion, but c’est la vie.

“My boys now attend a non-denominational primary school (which comes at a price!) and they are thriving. My two beautiful boys are perfectly happy without religion in their lives.

“Personally I hate the idea of religion being force-fed to kids in school. That is a matter to be dealt with at home and in people’s respective churches.”

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