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News: Operation Transformation are looking for leaders for the new series

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News: Flashback Friday: When VIP met Kathryn Thomas

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News: Here’s how you can get Kathryn Thomas and Amy Huberman’s dresses

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Fashion: Here’s where you can get Kathryn Thomas’ fab dress

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News: Kathryn Thomas opens up about dealing with online hate

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News: Kathryn Thomas has her say on Celebrity Operation Transformation leaders

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News: The line-up for Celebrity Operation Transformation has been revealed

PIC: VIP Ireland

News: Kathryn Thomas says ‘very outspoken celebs’ are taking part in Operation Transformation

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News: Kathryn Thomas admits she was nervous taking over from Ray D’Arcy

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News: “The presenter gets all the credit… “Kathryn Thomas opens up about her success