Zeinab chats settling into radio, telly gigs and new music

Zeinab Elguzouli

Zeinab is killing it on the FM104 airwaves and on the Virgin Media set.

She’s a busy, buzzy bee. And she’s found a comfort in her new role as one third of the breakfast hosts on The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

And once you speak to her, you really understand why she is the perfect person to wake up the nation each morning. She’s bubbly, she bright and she’s absolutely gas.

“I’m really settled into my role at The Strawberry Alarm Clock, I’m still getting invited to lovely stuff like this and the novelty hasn’t worn off at all,” she tells us at the launch of the Platinum VIP Style Awards.

Zeinab Elguzouli

“I’m feeling a lot more solid in my role in FM104 as well. And we have some fun plans coming to fruition and we have a lot of different ideas as well.”

Of course, she’s not just content being “settled” in FM104. She has to be keeping her finger on the pulse and working on her next project.

Namely her music which she jokes that she has “neglected”.

“Now that I’m settled into that I’ve realised that I’ve neglected my songwriting and my music! So as of last week, I started working on new music,” she teases.

Zeinab Elguzouli Pic: Brian McEvoy

How exciting!

“But it’s nerve-wracking because there’s a lot more eyes on. Which is good and exciting. I mean let’s run with it, even though it’s more daunting. There’s more of a risk but that makes it even more thrilling,” she candidly admits.

Not only does she wake up the nation on radio, she also has been doing her fair share of telly presenting, often filling in on The Six O’Clock Show on Virgin Media.

So does she have a favourite?


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“I love both, with radio I get to go in without any eyebrows or anything on and I know my co-hosts inside and out – JimJim and Crossy,” she says very diplomatically.

“Radio is my personality I love it so much but TV fills the ego a little bit. I get to get dressed up and it’s like ‘Who am I interviewing today?’. There’s an adrenaline in both of them which I love so so much.”

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