Why Elaine Crowley doesn’t believe in “the one” when it comes to love

She’s currently dating, but nothing too serious.

Elaine's happy not to settle down
Elaine’s happy not to settle down

Elaine Crowley is no stranger to having attention from men trying to woo her, but the TV3 star has revealed that she doesn’t believe in “the one” when it comes to love.

The 37-year-old revealed that while she’s dating at the moment, she doesn’t want anything serious – or to settle down just yet.

“There could be one [person] for everyone, or there could be five for everyone. Statistically speaking, there are so many human beings on the planet and we are talking about ‘the one’. Think about it. You could be lucky, but that is down to compatibility.

“You could meet people when their light is on, but my light is off at the moment. It could go on next year and I might decide I do want to get married and that I’m fed up of sitting on the couch on my own. Actually, that won’t happen as the thoughts of living with someone brings me out in warts. Look, I think I could have a boyfriend in the morning if I wanted on, but I don’t and that is my own choice,” she told RSVP Magazine.

Elaine went on to say that she’s quite content on not getting married, as over the years she’s seen her fair share of marriages turning sour.

She's in absolutely no rush to walk down the aisle
She’s in absolutely no rush to walk down the aisle

“I’m turning 38 and a lot of my friends are getting divorced now. They had the engagement, the lovely wedding at 28/29, had one or two kids and now they are miserable and are getting divorced.

“I have come out the other end of it at this stage. I have seen very, very few happy marriages so I am not inclined to go down that route, but maybe I am cynical.

“We’re not living in a Mills and Bloom world, in fairy tale land, any relationship is not going to be plain sailing from the minute you step into it. You have bumps and lumps. If you get through them, fine, if you don’t, then it’s not meant to be,” she said.

Despite not wanting anything serious, the Midday presenter is still putting herself out there and going on dates.

“I am dating, but I’m not dating anyone seriously at the moment because I couldn’t be bothered. I am not celibate, I’m a woman in my 30’s. I have needs like you all, but I’m not seriously with anyone,” she revealed.

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