Who is Fionnuala Moran? The presenter covering Laura Fox’s Sunday show

Pic: Fionnuala Moran

Laura Fox confirmed that she won’t be hosting her Sunday 2FM show while she shimmies her stuff on Dancing with the Stars.

And after that stellar opening week, we are sure to see her on the dancefloor for a very long time!

So who will be stepping into her shoes?

Laura confirmed to VIP Magazine that Fionnuala Moran would be stepping into the studio every Sunday.

“I’m doing my 2FM show every Saturday. I never wanted to walk away from my radio show completely. I have a great gang of listeners who text in all the time. I love being a part of their Saturday mornings. But I won’t be doing the Sunday show, Fionnuala Moran’s going to be taking over that for the next while. I’m happy because she’s a safe pair of hands to hand it over to,” she explained.

Fionnuala Moran Pic: Brian McEvoy

Who is Fionnuala Moran?

Fionnuala Moran is a presenter and sustainability influencer.

She has worked across RTÉ Pulse and 2FM over the last several years. She also appears on The Six O’Clock Show as a contributor. She also received her Masters in Climate Change.

As for her online presence, she’s a champion for sustainable style and plant-based diets!

Pic: Fionnuala Moran

Where have I heard Fionnuala before?

Fionnuala hosted her own radio show on digital station RTÉ Pulse every Saturday, where she cut her teeth on radio. Her show was an all Irish showcase of upcoming talent and new music. She stepped back from the show over the summer.

She also freelances across shows on 2FM and had a jam-packed schedule over the Christmas period where she stepped in to cover shows.

She has also been a regular contributor to The Six O’Clock Show where she chats about sustainability whether that be with your fashion, your food or just how you live your life!

Here at VIP Magazine, we’re big fans of her dog content as she the proudest dog mam to Alfie and Farrah!

Pic: Fionnuala Moran

How can I keep up with Fionnuala?

You can keep an eye out for her on social media @fionnualamoran. This is where she shares her best sustainable and environmentally forward tips! She will, of course, be on 2FM every Sunday from 9am to 12pm.


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How is Fionnuala feeling about the gig?

Of course, we caught up with Fionnuala, and she told us that she is “beyond buzzed” to cover Laura!

“I adore 2FM and Laura has built such a fun show. Her segments and listeners are great craic, so it’s a joy to keep it lit for her while she’s living out her Dancing with the Stars dream.”

She reveals that she got the good news in person, telling us: “We were doing our last Sunday Service segment of the year together on her show when Producer Michael gave me the news. I was thrilled, naturally!

“She had put my name forward, unbeknownst to me when she landed the Dancing with the Stars gig. I really appreciate her championing me like that – we’ve both had long roads of grafting to get to where we are, so it’s gorgeous to be enjoying simultaneous celebration-worthy work milestones!”

Pic: Fionnuala Moran

What can we expect from the Sunday show for the next few weeks?

Fionnuala tells us: “Behind the scenes excitement from Dancing with the Stars as Laura and the gang power through their last rehearsals before the live shows!

“I’ll be celebrating new Irish music and pumping out deadly prizes – I got to give someone a holiday worth €1,300 this weekend as part of 2FM’s Holiday A Day giveaway, such a feel-good buzz getting to make someone’s month like that! I’ll bring buckets of golden energy to get you into the day and gas anecdotes to give you a laugh (largely at my own expense as I recount my week’s embarrassments).”

Pic: Fionnuala Moran

Did Laura give Fionnuala any advice?

Of course, the pair are as thick as thieves!

“Her main piece of advice that stands out to me happened a few years ago when we were both on RTÉ PULSE,” she tells us.

“We didn’t cross paths much then as we were on different days but I was prepping for a new-to-me job I’d been asked to do. It was just beyond my comfort zone at the time and I expressed that to Laura.

“She was so reassuring explaining that we shouldn’t second guess talent other people have seen in us, saying: ‘They came looking for you.’ She is such a positive, supportive and determined person – it’s very motivating energy to be around.”

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