Where to watch all the Best Picture Oscar nominations

After all the Oscar drama earlier this month, you may be pretty exhausted by the whole thing.

But if you’re not then you may want to see what all the fuss is about.

Every year 10 films are nominated for Best Picture. And we have the say this year is a pretty solid list.

Here’s where you can watch them all!


Ah, lads! Did you not go out to see our Cillian already?

There are some select cinemas showing Oppenheimer including the Irish Film Institute.

However, you can rent or buy it from home on Sky Store and Prime Video.

What is Oppenheimer about?: During World War II, Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves Jr. appoints physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer to work on the top-secret Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer and a team of scientists spend years developing and designing the atomic bomb.

Poor Things

Another Irish-related flick, Poor Things as it was produced by Irish production house, Element Pictures. Irish cinematographer Robbie Ryan has also been nominated for an Oscar!

This film is still in the cinema across the country, so buy your tickets ASAP!

What is Poor Things about?: Brought back to life by an unorthodox scientist, a young woman runs off with a lawyer on a whirlwind adventure across the continents.


Ah Barbie. While most of the Oscar conversations have been about all the nominations that Barbie didn’t get, the film was nominated for Best Picture.

And you can buy or rent it from Prime Video, iTunes or Apple TV Plus, Sky Store and Rakuten TV.

What is Barbie about?: Barbie and Ken head to the human world to find out the realities of humanity on a quest to save Barbieland!

Past Lives

This is a film that really deserved a lot more nominations than it received. But we won’t get into all of that!

You can watch Past Lives in select cinemas including The Light House in Dublin or you can rent it from the Irish Film Institute.

What is Past Lives about?: Two childhood friends, are reunited in New York for one fateful week as they confront notions of destiny, love, and the choices that make a life.

Killers of the Flower Moon

Now it wouldn’t be award season without Martin Scorsese!

Killers of the Flower Moon is currently streaming on Apple TV+. It is also in select cinemas across Ireland.

What is Killers of the Flower Moon about?: Based on the true story, of a complex plot explores the racial injustice and serial murder that ensue after oil is discovered on the Osage Nation’s land in 1920s.

American Fiction

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for this one as it hits Irish cinemas on February

What is American Fiction about?: A frustrated novelist is fed up with the establishment that profits from Black entertainment that relies on tired and offensive tropes. To prove his point, he uses a pen name to write an outlandish Black book of his own, a book that propels him to the heart of hypocrisy and the madness he claims to disdain.

Anatomy of a Fall

If you’ve been on social media lately you may have seen clips of Anatomy of a Fall, well, everywhere.

Thankfully you can rent it from Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft and Rakuten TV.

What is Anatomy of a Fall about?: A woman is suspected of her husband’s murder, and their blind son faces a moral dilemma as the sole witness.

The Holdovers

This has been described as a modern Dead Poet’s Society. So why wouldn’t we want to see it?

You can watch it in the cinemas right now!

What is The Holdovers about?: A grumpy teacher stays at a prep school during Christmas break to babysit a handful of students with nowhere to go. He soon forms an unlikely bond with a brainy but damaged troublemaker, and with the school’s head cook, a woman who just lost a son in the Vietnam War.


Another controversial film that has divided viewers.

Bradley Cooper’s directing and starring role in Maestro is currently streaming on Netflix.

What is Maestro about?: The biographical tale of American conductor Leonard Bernstein. He begins a tumultuous relationship with actress Felicia Montealegre, upturning their lives.

The Zone of Interest

There were limited screenings of this jarring film to mark International Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Zone of Interest will officially hit cinemas across Ireland on February 2nd.

What is The Zone of Interest about?: The commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, and his wife, Hedwig, strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden next to the camp. This is based on the real family who oversaw the concentration camp.

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