Where to get your pancake fix in Dublin this Pancake Tuesday

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Calling all pancake lovers!

The national holiday of our favourite breakfast treat is just around the corner and we want to make sure you are as prepared as possible so you won’t be stuck without the sweet treats on the big day.

Sometimes it can be chaos trying to find the time to whip up some pancake batter and put on a spread between work, busy schedules and whatnot, so the answer may be to pop out for the delicious treat for breakfast, on your lunch break or even in the evening!

We’ve rounded up some of our fave places to get your pancake fix on the day so you won’t be disappointed.

If you like thin pancakes…

Lemon Jelly Cafe


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This gorge breakfast and lunch spot is located in Millennium Walkway and is such a lovely place to pop in for a coffee and a catch up with a pal. The clean interior just makes sitting in and looking out the window a very enjoyable and relaxed experience. Here you’ll be ordering a crepe on Pancake Tuesday, as crepes go these are particularly good ones. With a few options of toppings and being able to see them being made over the low counter, it’s such a treat when they arrive over to your table!

Lemon Crepe And Coffee Co.


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Not to be confused with our first location, this spot is located on South William Street and is known for it’s delicious and wide variety of crepe’s to choose from. Both sweet and savoury options are available, even some quirky choices if you’re in the mood to be adventurous (apple cinnamon cream crepe anyone?). The ideal place to hit the spot whatever you fancy.

Gino’s Gelato


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You’ve probably grabbed an ice-cream from Gino’s many a time, maybe even a crepe on a chilly day. If you have, you’ll know why they are on the list. Not only a pretty set up, their crepes are delicious! Whether you’re in a rush and want a takeaway crepe in hand or you want to sit down at their Georges Street location Gino’s is never too far away in Dublin, the perfect handy treat!

If you prefer a thick stack…

Metro Cafe


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This adorable cafe is super cosy and their food feels like a hug on a plate! Their pancakes are fluffy, and not too sweet, which means they go deliciously with golden syrup, a lump of butter and even order some bacon on the side for good measure. If you’re looking for comfort food Metro is ideal!



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If you’re ready to do the most with your pancakes on Tuesday, Póg is the spot for you! Pile on your toppings and sauces with a stack that’ll leave you very satisfied. If you’re going all out and adore a sweet explosion you’ll love these protein pancakes!



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Stella Diner


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If you’re waiting ’till after work this is a great place to get pancakes in the evening. The American style diner gives you a real authentic experience, and having it in the evening makes it feel even cooler. If you’ve not visited this spot yet it’s the perfect for a pancake date night, yum!


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