What a NIGHTMARE! Lucy Kennedy reveals disastrous first date with her husband

The tv presenter has opened up about the cringeworthy moment

Thankfully, Richard could move past the couple's first date...
Thankfully, Richard could move past the couple’s first date…

We’ve all experienced some awkwardness when first meeting a new love interest – but Lucy Kennedy has cinched the title for the most hellish embarrassing moment on a first date.

The Seven O’Clock Show presenter has opened up about her first rendezvous with her now-husband Richard Governey, who she has two children with, but be warned – it’s toe-curlingly bad.

Speaking to this week’s TVNow, the TV3 star said the first time she got together with Richard she was 23.

“We met, fell in love, and he called to my house on our first date,” she explained.

“Anyway eager boy arrived 20 minutes early and I just thought it was my friend who forgot her key. So I ran downstairs and opened the door with my moustache bleached – and it’s a miracle he went on to marry me after that.”

The soon-to-be presenter of the Irish version of Blind Date cringed: “I just went ‘Oh sorry, you’re very early’ and ran straight up to take off the bleach. But then you’re trying to get it to cool down – it was all red.”

Lucy and Martin moved from Late Lunch Live to evening telly...
Lucy and Martin moved from Late Lunch Live to evening telly…

Joining her for the interview with TVNow was co-host of the Seven O’Clock Show, Martin King, who chipped in: “He only married you for your razor blade, you do know that don’t you? And now you know why I call her Conchita…”

The dynamic duo, who are currently pulling in around 80,000 viewers per show, also spoke to the magazine about the shocking adaptation to evening television.

“When they (TV3 bosses) came to us and said ‘Right, we’re going to move you into peak time, we went ‘Brilliant’,” Martin said. “Then we asked ‘When?’ and we were told four weeks.:

The family orientated pair said the shake up sent them into a panic, as they pondered what changes they would have to make in their lives.

“A job is a job, but family is for life,” Martin stated.

The presenters said that with the support of their “understanding spouses”, they have managed to juggle home-life to adapt to their new work situation, and TV3 bosses also agreed they wouldn’t have to work Fridays, with Anton Savage and Mairead Farrell taking the reigns.

For the full interview, check out this week's TVNow.
For the full interview, check out this week’s TVNow.


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