“We want to run for President” Jedward announce new career move

The pair hope to put themselves forward for the role if the age of candidates is lowered to 21.

Jedward for president!?
Jedward for president!?

This is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill – Jedward have announced their intention to run for President.

The X Factor twins, real names John and Edward Grimes, have said they wish to put themselves in the running for the new head of state if the age of candidates is lowered to 21.

Coming out in favour of a Yes vote for the upcoming Presidential Age Referendum, the pair revealed their desire to pursue a career in politics to The Irish Sun on Sunday.

Although they didn’t specify if they wish to run individually or as a twosome, Edward passionately said: “I want to get stuff done.”

He added that the role would be taken very seriously if the duo were elected to office.

New president!? Eek!
New president!? Eek!

“I know some people think me and John are messing around all the time, but we can be serious,” commented Edward.

“I’d make some authority for myself. I wouldn’t just be a poser, I’d full on be out there and make all the decisions, I wouldn’t just be signing off on stuff.”

This Friday, May 22nd, voters will take to the polls to determine whether the age of Presidential candidates should be lowered from 35 to 21, which the Sharknado stars are hoping comes into effect.

Would Jedward get your vote!?

The singing and acting twins have also previously spoken out about another hotly-debated vote taking place on the same day, the Marriage Referendum.

John told The Irish Times: “I feel like it’s a massive moment. It is acceptable now.

“People should vote Yes because there’s no big deal. People make a big deal out of it, but the answer should be Yes.”

His brother added in agreement: “The answer should be Yes because everyone deserves equality.”



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