Vogue Williams: “I became a fitness fanatic after my dad died of a stroke”

The model says her dad's tragic passing made her aware of her health

The healthy model in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford yesterday to promote the ŠKODA Cycle Series Dragon Sportive
The healthy model in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford yesterday to take part in the ŠKODA Cycle Series Dragon Sportive – she cycled 75km!

Self-confessed fitness fanatic Vogue Williams has revealed that it was her father’s death from a stroke that made her realise the importance of being healthy.

Four years ago, her father, Freddie, died of a stroke at the age of 68, and his father, also called Freddie, was killed by a stroke when she was a child.

“I must have been about eight or nine,” the model said. “He was the first person I ever remember dying and really understanding what was happening. It was so sad.”

Adding to this, earlier this year an uncle on her father’s side suffered a stroke, and a cousin in his early 40s, who was “really fit and healthy” survived a stroke.

“We were all quite shocked but that’s the thing with stroke, you just never know who it is going to affect,” Vogue told the Daily Express.

Vogue likes to lead a healthy lifestyle due to tragic deaths in her family
Vogue likes to lead a healthy lifestyle due to tragic deaths in her family

The Bear Grylls: Mission Survive champ said that with her family’s health history, and particularly after her dad’s tragic passing, she learned how vital it is to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“Because we have history of stroke on both sides of my family, I have always been health conscious. I need to be careful with fitness and stress,” she said. “Having seen what happened to my father and grandfather has made me very aware of the importance of exercise and eating well.”

“After his first stroke my grandad never spoke again. I think that drove him mad. It was awful.”

Vogue Williams
Her love of exercise and eating well pays off!

She added: “I don’t think my father could have handled being like that, he loved a good chat. When he had a stroke it killed him and I think that was meant to be.”

The former Fade Street star has become renowned for her healthy eating and exercising ways, and recently revealed that anything less than working out six days per week is a “lazy week” for her.

Vogue is supporting the Stroke Association’s Life After Stroke Awards this week, which honour the achievements of people affected by stroke. Visit www.stroke.org.uk/lasa for more.



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