Viewers can’t get over The Fall’s SHOCKING ending last night

"That's one of the most shocking bits of television I've seen in a long time."

We can't believe how it ended!
We can’t believe how it ended!

Viewers were left shocked after The Fall’s unexpected season finale episode last night.

This series has followed Paul Spektor along his road to recovery after he was left with life threatening injuries after being shot in season two.

However, despite Paul being discovered and captured as the notorious Belfast strangler, the police were thrown into turmoil after he claimed he had amnesia and couldn’t remember his life from the past few years.

Authorities were convinced he was lying about his memory loss and moved him to a psychiatric unit.

Jamie was finally discovered!
Jamie was finally discovered!

On last night’s show, authorities finally found a loophole in his memory loss lie when they found a murdered victim from 2002, which fell out of his amnesia time frame.

DSI Stella Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson, interrogated him and told him the only reason she wanted him to survive the shooting was because “death would be to easy” for him.

The serial killer did not take this well and he ended up beating her up in the interview room, before being restrained by police.

Paul then severely attacked his psychiatric doctor, Dr.Larson.

After the attacks, Paul put a plastic bag over his head and secured it with the belt to kill himself and by the time police got there her was dead.

Viewers couldn’t get over the shocking ending to the highly anticipates season finale and took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

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