Una Healy reveals why she ended her relationship with David Haye

Una Healy pictured at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Golden Lane, Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy

Una Healy has opened up about her split from boxer David Haye. The pair were first linked in December 2023, after Una shared a snap of their New Year’s celebration. But throuple rumours quickly started to spread as David was also seeing model Sian Osbourne.

Earlier this week, Una shut down the throuple speculation on the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast, explaining that David was seeing her and Sian separately.

Now the singer is opening up about her and David’s relationship and why it ended. Speaking to the Sunday Times, the presenter revealed that she had experienced the “worst six months” of her due to the speculation about private life, and she had stayed quiet “it would fade away.”

But realising the rumours showed no signs of stopping, Una addressed the situation. Explaining that the met last summer on celeb-exclusive dating app Raya, and the boxing legend was upfront about his belief that “the traditional relationship” didn’t exist anymore.


While she was hesitant, the pair became close friends, and then began seeing each other casually.

“It was never a full-time thing because I was in Ireland and he was over in London. It was casual and that suited both of us,” the popstar said.

However, David continuously mentioned his ex-girlfriend Sian “more than anyone else” who he was seeing. Explaining Sian “was his girlfriend, but one of many.”

But the country star stressed: “But I was only ever dating him. I wasn’t dating anyone else and I was happy with that. I’d go home, be with my kids, and then any time I was working in London, I’d happen to meet up with him as well.”

In December, David suggested Una and Sian meet as they “were both really special in his life.” Una initially declined but soon agreed. As she worried about the public perception of her and David’s relationship if he was still linked to Sian, and that people may believe there was cheating involved.

Pic: Instagram/David Haye

Later that months, Una was preparing for Christmas celebrations without her kids, as they spend every second Christmas with their father, Ben Foden.

Finding it tough to be home alone, Una spend Christmas day with her friend in London. Before suggesting she and David head on holidays for New Year’s. The boxer then booked a trip to Morocco, for himself, Una, and Sian.

Upon finding out Sian had been invited Una was hesitant, but decided to go anyway, thinking: “I’m sure we’ll all get on fine.”

Soon after posting photos from her holiday, throuple rumours began to appear.

As she explained: “I wasn’t next to her, I wasn’t all over her like my girlfriend. Then suddenly ‘a source’ came forward and had this whole story that David’s now in a relationship with two women. They said we met on Raya, which there was an element of truth to. I did meet him on Raya but I didn’t meet her there.”

Pic: Instagram/David Haye

After their Morocco holiday, Sian and David headed to Costa Rica and Una returned to Ireland.

Not long after David invited Una out to Costa Rica but she “had a funny feeling.” However, knowing that there would be many other people including a few Irish friends, the Tipparary native went to see want the vibe was.

But on that trip, Una realised “that the romance was over then with me and him. I thought ‘She can have him’. I felt really awkward about it.”

“When I came home I messaged him and said, ‘I don’t want to be part of this relationship any more because I don’t want to share a man. If Sian is happy for you to meet other women that’s fine but it’s not for me. I know I’ll never have you on my own, I can never have that, so I’d rather stop now.’”

“The fun had gone now for me then. I know now that this is not me. I want one man to share my life with and I don’t want to share him.”

Pic: Instagram/David Haye

Although the singer was quick to praise David saying “enjoyed” their “connection” he was in her life for “a reason, a season, but maybe not a lifetime.”

But while she views her time with David positively, the reaction to it was anything but, with mother-of-two receiving intense abuse online.

“It has been relentless, and it was really upsetting. I constantly have this horrible gut feeling all the time. I haven’t committed a crime, I haven’t killed anyone but the abuse online has been horrific,” she explained.

The radio presenter shared how harshly misogynistic the comments have been. Saying: “There was a huge amount of misogyny in the way that the whole thing was written about because it’s almost like they were trying to slut shame me or something. That’s what it was.”

However, Una is now determined to reclaim the narrative, and has shared her experience in her latest song, Walk Away.

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