Trinny Woodall reveals her beauty secrets


We just want to be Trinny Woodall.

We mean, who doesn’t want to be?

While we can’t steal her life, we can steal some of her secrets. And in this month’s issue, we sat down with the Beauty Guru where she revealed some of her beauty tips.

She tells us the beauty lessons she has learned over the years.

Bianca & Trinny

“I tried absolutely everything for acne because I had bad acne from 13 to 30. So, my most important thing is to know that in the land of beauty you have a lot of marketing talk and marketing levels of ingredients,” she explains.

“So, you need to know what works for you and you need to listen to your skin. And if you really want to take skincare carefully, ducate yourself on the right ingredients for your skin.

“I always say do the skincare Match2Me questionnaire on our website ( and even if you cannot afford our products; find out what products work for your skin and go and buy those ingredients in another brand that’s not going to be all non-sensey, a brand like The Ordinary is good.”

Pick up the May issue of VIP Magazine to read even more of her beauty tips and how she has made an empire for herself


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