Toy Show star Saoírse Ruane receives “BEST Christmas present”


Saoírse Ruane won over the hearts of the nation when she appeared on The Late Late Toy Show in 2020.

She shared her story of being diagnosed with cancer which led to her leg being amputated all before the age of 10.

Now, two years later she has some very good news.

The Galway girl headed to Crumlin Children’s Hospital this week for her three-month review where she got “the best Christmas present”.

Saoirse’s consultant confirmed there were no signs of “new tumours”.

“The BEST Christmas present we could ask for….We’ve been ticking lots of boxes these past few months but the BIGGEST TICK was today at Saoírse’s 3 monthly review,” Saoirse’s mother wrote on their joint Instagram account.

“There was no denying the fear as we drove to Dublin & walked through the doors of @cmrf_crumlin. It makes your legs weak, your stomach sick, emotions high & it’s the biggest distraction from everything else that’s going on in our lives.

“Her appt started with the insertion of a cannula which is a huge stressor for Saoírse & then she lies down on the bed which moves in under a tunnel in order for them to do the CT. A dye is then run through her canula & then these images are reported back to our Oncologist.”

Her mam Roseanna went on to say: “That’s the worst part over for Saoírse at the review & then it’s onto meet our consultant.. No matter how bad things are in the past three years, we are always guaranteed a laugh when we meet him. Michael Capra has such a fantastic way with Saoírse & it puts her so much at ease.

“He examines her, takes notes, had a chat with us & then he leaves for a while to discuss the images with his team. We waited in his office with bated breath. There are many prayers said in between reviews & on the way up in the car & during her scan, but this is when I start into the rosary & plead with everyone up above for good news.”

Roseanna couldn’t hide how happy she was as she continued: “And today we got it. Her oncologist said he was happy with what he could see & to go & have a wonderful Christmas. No signs of new tumours or anything unusual going on.

“On the way out as we walked down the corridor, Ollie gave me a little squeeze & I hugged him back & the words we exchanged were ‘thank god’ & ‘isn’t it great’. The relief is immense & indescribable!“

Saoirse Ruane with sister Farrah Rose (3) pictured at the opening night of RTÉ Toy Show the Musical at the Convention Centre Dublin. Pic: Andres Poveda

They were able to enjoy the rest of their day out in Dublin after getting the good news, heading for lunch before doing a spot of Christmas shopping.

“As I always say, we have won the battle but we haven’t won the war. We can now go forward & enjoy this Christmas and we’ll face her next review in 2023 when the time comes.

“Thank you to each & every one of you who continues to pray & light candles for our girl. We can never express how grateful we are to you all for your support,“ she concluded.

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