Throwback Thursday: When VIP met Amanda Byram

Fourteen years ago, we sat down for an exclusive photoshoot with the popular presenter.

Talk about a throwback!
Talk about a throwback!

Amanda Byram may be one of the top presenters to come from Ireland, but when we met her back in 2001, the Dubliner was only starting out in the industry.

At the time of our interview, she had only just left Ireland AM and moved onto her first UK role as co-presenter of The Big Breakfast on Channel 4.

With the new role, came new luxuries, but for Amanda the only thing that mattered was having some independence.

“People say that it’s not really going to change them, but it has to. Your lifestyle changes. I stopped worrying about things. I’m a very independent person and very proud, especially when it comes to paying my way,” she said.

The glamour of the noughties…

Amanda continued, “Now I don’t have to ask for help anymore. That for me is the biggest luxury. The real freedom is not having to think about money anymore.”

The presenter wanted to establish herself in her own rights, but as most people in the industry do, she learned from people around.

“Davina McCall is good, I love her style. I learn from other presenters and I watch a lot of television. I always try to think of how other people do things and take note if I like the way someone does something. Then I try to adapt it to my own circumstances and style.”

This hand-sewn outfit was certainly eye catching!
This hand-sewn outfit was certainly eye catching!

And the best moment in her career at that date? Simply being able to do what she loves and not care too much about what people think.

“The best moment of my life was coming off air after my first show on television. It was nine o’clock in the morning and I thought – I’ve done it! I don’t care now what anybody thinks. I probably didn’t care if I never worked in television again. I had done what I had wanted to do and I’m happy to say I’m still doing it,” she said.

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