The Hennessy Brothers get called in for questioning in tonight’s Red Rock

Last week left viewers on a cliffhanger.

Things get intense on tonight's Red Rock.
Things get intense on tonight’s Red Rock.


Last week’s episode of Red Rock left viewers in a spin as Michael Hennessy revealed that David was there the night of Darren Kiely’s murder.

Tonight the story unfolds when Katie Kiely storms to the Garda Station demanding to see Detective Nikki, and the Hennessy brothers are called in for questioning.

The Kiely’s are left reeling when Katie fills them in on Michael’s claims that David was there on the night of Darren’s murder. Only just coming to terms with the fact that Michael is out of prison after a measly sentence, they now have to digest the news that David was involved too.

Katie struggles to deal with Michael’s revelation that David was present the night of Darren Kiely’s death. She’s sick to her stomach that she has been duped by the father of her child. She wants justice needs to be served – even if that means David facing time behind bars.

The Kiely's find it hard to believe Michael's revelation.
The Kiely’s find it hard to believe Michael’s revelation.

Both boys are brought in for questioning, but not before mum Patricia and their solicitor sister Claire tells them to keep a united front. If they admit David’s involvement both boys will be looking at lengthy prison time. The brothers are questioned in separate interview rooms but things get heated in the waiting room between Patricia Hennessy and Bridget Kiely, culminating in a face off to end all Kiely/Hennessy face offs.

Meanwhile, a heavily pregnant Claire’s waters have broken in dramatic fashion, mid interrogation of her brother David in the Garda station. Appalled by her mother’s deceit, Claire refuses to let Patricia into the delivery suite, instead insisting that she’ll go it alone and welcome her daughter into the world.

Claire's waters break in the station.
Claire’s waters break in the station.


Back at the station, David’s been released without charge, much to the immense anger of the Kielys. As the gravity of his own actions dawn on David, he realises that the only way to put things right is to speak to Katie and convince her of his innocence. However, he could quickly live to regret this decision when confronted with an armed Vinnie and Keith. The Hennessy brothers beat Darren to death and now it’s time for the Kielys to do the same. An eye for an eye, a brother for a brother.

Amidst the feuding family drama, Red Rock Garda station is hit with the whirlwind arrival of new Sergeant John O’Riordan, who makes a dramatic first impression and stirs things up.

Red Rock airs every Monday night at 9.30pm on TV3.

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