The 10 Best Things Jedward Have Ever Said

Bequiffed, fond of leaping about and purveyors of all-round good clean fun, we're kinda crazy about John and Edward.



We love a bit of Jedward. From repping us hard at the Eurovision to that time they got trapped on a sandbank and the nation collectively held its breath, they’ve entertained us mightily in between. God knows it’s pretty difficult to distill their collective bonkers-based wisdom down to 10 quotes… but we’ve managed. Enjoy!

“I’m Whitney, he’s Britney.”

“We’re so famous that like even Bono asked for an autograph.”

“Before we continue I have a surprise for you right now, it’s in my pants.”

“There’s going to be dancers. Don’t worry guys, we’re not Ronan Keating – we won’t do anything with them.”

“Who wouldn’t want girls shouting your name all over the place, going ‘John, Edward, whatever’?”


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“Maybe Tupac has got a track that hasn’t been released yet that we could record our vocals over?”

“Through snow, through famine, John and Edward emerged.”

“Someone said we aren’t twins. We are.”

“We’re keeping all our money in some massive safe, in some off-shore account so we don’t pay taxes.”

“We haven’t really had a girlfriend, like a proper girlfriend. We don’t see girls in that, “Oh-she’s-hot way.”


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