Suzanne Jackson unveils “new version of Sue”

Suzanne Jackson Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

Suzanne Jackson is ready to enter a new era.

VIP Magazine jetted out to Portugal to spend some time with Suzanne and her husband, Dylan in their dreamy villa.

She tells us that she is ready to “become a new version of me” after being “sick of being that version of Sue”.

“I wanted to make changes. I felt very stuck in the last couple of years in SOSU and in Dripping Gold. I just felt kind of numb, stuck in a cycle of launching product and it wasn’t that I got bored because that sounds like I’m unappreciative of all we achieved, I just felt unchallenged,” she confesses.

Suzanne Jackson and Dylan O’Connor Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

She decided to step down as CEO of her company and let Caroline Dalton step into the role. It was also around this time that she was approached to take part in this year’s Dancing with the Stars.

“I felt like it was my first chance to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself,” she explains.

“I wanted to become a new version of me and that may sound funny to some people, but I was sick of being that version of Sue.”

She admits that she “lost myself over the years running a business” adding that she became “burnt out”.

Suzanne Jackson and Dylan O’Connor Pic: Evan Doherty for VIP Magazine

“I didn’t want to be that businesswoman anymore. I wanted to be able to let go and have fun. I wanted to show my vulnerability too because I think people thought I was a hard-ass-bitch-business-woman. And I’m not.”

She continued: “This version of me now I love the most because I am doing things for me, I am saying no to things that don’t serve me anymore, and I’m ensuring I’m around good people. I am looking after myself and I love feeling the way I do now.”

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