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Suzanne Jackson
Suzanne Jackson

Suzanne Jackson has announced that she has decided to recall a batch of her Dripping Gold tan that are on shelves in Penneys.

The makeup mogul took to Instagram to explain the decision, following reports emerging that there had been issues with the medium and dark lotion tan formula.

“I just wanted to address a couple of concerns surrounding Dripping Gold,” she told her Instagram followers.

“As some of you may be aware, yes we have recalled some of our dark and medium lotions and that is simply down to a visual consistency error that we don’t like.

“So, me being a perfectionist, getting some feedback from you guys and seeing that the lotion is a little thicker than normal or than what it should be, I have reacted to that and I’ve recalled any batches that have had a thicker consistency in the lotions.

“However, not to worry, the product is still safe to use. It still gives you the same tanning results, it’s completely fine! It’s just me being a perfectionist and not wanting any type of negative feedback from you guys and acting on your feedback.

Suzanne Jackson
Suzanne Jackson

“Some of the lotions are a little thicker and a little bit harder to get out of the bottle. So we have the batch numbers that are a little bit more of a thicker consistency and we have recalled them.

“So if you feel that you have a consistency that is very thick and hard to use, harder to get out of the bottle or anything like that, drop us an email at customerservice@sosubysj.com and we will sort your issue straight away.

“Same with any pharmacies or any retailers, just get in touch and we will sort the problem.

Sue went on to explain that the Dripping Gold mousses are still perfect, despite the issues with the lotion formula.

“Overall the mousses are still absolutely perfect. This happens in manufacturing all the time, we just want the most perfect product on the market, we want it creamy and luxurious and chocolatey for the lotion so if you don’t have that, get in contact and we’ll sort it out!



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