Sinead O’Connor claims she’ll never sing again: “Music murdered my soul”

She shared an emotional message with her fans.

She's taking a step back
She’s taking a step back

Sinead O’Connor has shared an emotional message with her fans on Facebook, claiming that she’ll never sing again, while also opening up about a number of personal difficulties.

The singer revealed to her fans on social media that music has ruined her.

“I need a new home. And a new job. A new life. Music is over for me. Music did this.

“It rendered me invisible. Murdered my soul. I’m never going back to music.”

The singer also opened about her struggles with post traumatic stress disorder following her hysterectomy during the summer.

Sinead has begged for help on FB
Sinead has begged for help on FB

“Me and my PTSD or depression, which any woman would be suffering since this all kicked off in March, and I dealt with it alone.

“I lost everything: my job, my home, my womb…”

The Nothing Compares To You star,  appealed to her followers for help in her personal life, asking them to help her find a way to begin a new life and start afresh.

“I have a HUGE spirit which wants to live, and a HUGE heart full of love. If you have a job wherein I can give my spirit and my love to people who will appreciate it, please let me know.

“I don’t need anything other than one warm room and not to be living in a silent, empty house. And to be appreciated.

“I’m good at writing, I’m also a great cleaner. I’m not a job snob. Anything at all, if it’s sociable and people loving, I’m there.”

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