Sinead Kennedy reveals her most embarrassing interview moment!

We’d be morto!

She totally understand her embarrassment
She totally understand her embarrassment

After a decade presenting on live TV, a slip-up or two would be expected, but Sinead Kennedy has now revealed her most embarrassing moment, and it’s not something she could have expected.

When presenting her kid’s show, Sinead found herself interviewing Robert Sheehan live on TV about a film he wasn’t starring in – and was completely mortified when he pulled her up on it.

Speaking to The Herald, Sinead said, “I had so many cringe-worthy moments, there were so many embarrassing things happening all the time.

“I would do a lot of my own research but one particular day I hadn’t done it because i didn’t have time – and somebody else handed me some info for the Robert Sheehan interview.

Could you imagine?!
Could you imagine?!

“I was talking to him live on telly about some movie and he was just like, ‘what are you talking about?’ I thought he was trying to make a fool out of me and he went, ‘Did you get that on Wikipedia or something?’

“I didn’t know where it came from, but it was from Wikipedia – it was a total lie. I had just made up some film that he was never in.”

That’s not her only face-reddening moment – the presenter has also fallen over quite a few times, and sometimes finds it’s difficult to stay upright during her segments:

“I fell more than once – one was particularly bad. It wasn’t just a little slip. I was on all fours, splat on the ground on live TV. Then you just have to carry on, but the whole time you’re just dying with embarrassment,” she said.


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