Should we all be sleeping in a pillow cocoon?

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent many a night tossing and turning….and tossing and turning some more.

Sleep has evaded us!

And apparently we’ve been sleeping wrong.

In fact, TikTok users are using pillow cocoons to help them get to sleep.

@itsmaggieperkins Yall need to regulate your vagus nerve and support yourself for quality sleep 💚 #vagusnerve #vagusnervestimulation #vagusnervehealing #burnoutrecovery #teacherburnoutisreal ♬ baddie background – Dersim 👅

One TikTok user, Maggie Perkins, showcased a video of her getting to sleep while travelling which involved a stack of pillows.

She has dubbed this technique as the “vagus support cocoon”.

She uses five pillows to support herself – two for her head to lay on, one on either side to rest her arms on and then the fifth pillow goes under her knees. She then takes two duvets and goes to sleep.

It sounds like a pretty sweaty sleep situation. Maggie suggested putting up the air conditioning which doesn’t help us too much here in Ireland!

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But her comment section was filled with people praising this technique and saying it helped them get the best sleep ever.

Let’s rewind for a second – what does the word vagus mean?

Well, it’s to do with our vagus nerve which sits at the base of your brain and controls homeostasis in the body.

The vagus nerve connects to your neck, ears, chest, heart, lungs, and digestive tract. It’s a pretty big deal!

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It helps control mood, immune response, digestion, and heart rate – so making sure that it’s taken care of is a vital for the wellbeing of our body.

It also is an important player in helping us sleep because it alerts our body to any stress. So if it’s relaxed, then we can relax and sleep.

Hm, will you be trying this sleep method out?


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