Shane Filan opens up on why he never hangs out with ‘neighbour’ Kian Egan

The former band members don't spend time together

Kian & Shane don't meet up
Kian & Shane don’t meet up

Although they are both currently living in their native Sligo, ex Westlifers Shane Filan and Kian Egan don’t appear to meet up for a catch-up chat about their boyband past too often.

Despite Shane moving back to the West of Ireland with his family last Christmas and Kian relocating from the UK with wife Jodi Albert and their children over the summer, the singers have only seen each other once.

Even then, their meeting was a “chance encounter” – and Shane has admitted he rarely sees his other band members Mark, Nicky or Brian either.

“We don’t really see each other that often, I saw Mark recently, I saw Kian last week in Sligo – we just bumped into each other in town,” he said.

The band don't see each other
The band don’t see each other

‘We don’t [hang out] at all, we met randomly in Sligo on the street. Gillian has met Jodi for a coffee a couple of times. That’s what happens, you just bump into each other,” he told Goss.ie

“I saw Mark [Feehily] at the Pride of Britain Awards recently too and we just happened to be sitting at the same table, and saw Nicky [Byrne] at another function. You see them from time to time and it’s always good.”

But he made sure to point out for fans of the band that there’s no real reason why they don’t spend time together – it’s simply down to work commitments.

“We see each other every two or three months, and it’s usually random or due to work or whatever it is but we don’t really hang out no, we don’t see each other on like, a social basis,” he added.

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