Samantha Mumba speaks out in support of Black Lives movement

The singer has a unique insight.

Samantha Mumba


Samantha Mumba has spoken out in support of the Black Lives campaign.

The singer moved to America over ten years ago so she has first hand experience of the confrontations between American police and the Black Lives movement campaign.

The Dublin native has a unique insight into the confrontations because her husband is a police officer in Los Angeles.

Samantha told the Irish Sun, “My husband is an African American and a police officer.

“So I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ, can you leave the house at all?’ He has to put on a bullet-proof vest to go to work. It’s extreme. But I can tell you he feels he’s in the right job where h can do good and take care of people – and that has never changed.”

The happy family
The happy family

The Irish star went on to say that if she was still living in Ireland she wouldn’t have supported the movement but now that she lives in America she is a fully fledged supporter.

She said, “I support the Black Lives movement. If I had never left Ireland, I’d find the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag to be racist, but now I have lived in America, that’s not the case at all.

“America’s a very different culture to the one I was raised in.

“And supporting Black Lives Matter is in no way suggesting other lives don’t.

“It’s addressing and supporting the fact that in 2016 everyone should be treated equally and fairly regardless of the colour of their skin.”

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