Ryan Tubridy says he’s asked for Toy Show tickets on his hols all over the world

"I've been shouted at across streets in countries that I didn't think had any interest"

Late Late Toy Show 02
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Ryan Tubridy has revealed that he is hounded for tickets for the Late Late Toy Show no matter where he is.

The star explains that although he expected to be quizzed about the golden tickets in Ireland, he can’t even escape it on his holidays.

“I was abroad over the summer… and I’ve been shouted at across streets in countries that I didn’t think had any interest in Ireland or Irish people.

“But sure enough you hear ‘Tubs any chance of tickets for the Toy Show’ and you’re going’ Mamma Mia'” he told VIP.

“In New York, Fifth Avenue and [I get] ‘please can I get tickets for the Toy Show’.

“I was in Macy’s, coming up the escalator and there were people going ‘Jesus, It’s Tubridy, would you have two tickets for the show…’ and you’re thinking ‘what are you doing here, I’m just buying a jumper for god sake'”

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Pics Andres Poveda


Tubs added that even in his local supermarket he gets approached out of nowhere by eager Toy Show fans.

“When I go to Supervalu to shop, they emerge from like, washing powder, dusting it off, going ‘any chance?'”

He admitted that he even keeps a low profile in the run up to the show to avoid being asked for tickets.

“There is a mania about the tickets.

“They are everywhere, so I tend to go quite low key for the few days before the Toy Show, like disappear.”

The Little Mermaid Themed show kicks off tonight at 9.35 on RTE One.

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