Gay Byrne’s daughter says Patrick Kielty brought much needed change to Late Late

Gay Byrne’s daughter Crona has shared her opinion on Patrick Kielty’s first Late Late Show on Friday night.

She’s clearly a big fan as she praised him for bringing the “change” that the show “needed”.

Of course, Gay was the original host of the iconic chat show from 1962 until 1999.

Sadly,  Gay passed away in late November 2019 at the age of 85.

Kathleen Watkins with her husband Gay Byrne and her grand children Pic: Brian McEvoy Photography

Patrick became the fourth host of the show after Gay, Pat Kenny and Ryan Tubridy.

Gay’s youngest daughter Crona was filled with praise for the Down man.

Speaking to The Sun, she enthused: “Patrick told mum he wanted to bring it back to the Late Late Show that dad started, and my mum told him that’s what people would love.

“And he’s done it. The Late Late Show needed to change and what Patrick brought to it, it needed.”

Host Patrick Kielty Pic: Andres Poveda

She went on to say that “Patrick brought what it needed”, admitting that the show “needed to change”. She added that Ryan was “brilliant and did fabulous work”.

She told the publication that she sent Patrick a text on the morning of his first show, telling him that he would do brilliantly in his “dream job”,

“Patrick texted back to say that getting a message from Gay’s family meant the world to him,” she explained.

Like the rest of the country, Patrick has plenty of grá for Gay, telling VIP Magazine last week: “I think growing up with the show, watching Gay do his stuff,  I think the brilliant thing he used to do was he talked to the audience as much as down the camera.

Host Patrick Kielty Pic: Andres Poveda

“It was like coming into the parlour, and that for me is what this show is. There’ll be different bits and pieces.

“The main lesson that I have learned from the show over the years is that you treat everybody the same. Everybody is the same and that is what this show does best and that is why it has stood the test of time.”

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