“You stop giving a damn”: Ryan Tubridy reflects on life ahead of 50th birthday

Ryan Tubridy Pic; Andres Poveda Photography

Ryan Tubridy is about to turn 50. The Late Late Show presenter is heading into his milestone birthday and he couldn’t be happier.

Speaking to VIP Magazine at the RTÉ Autumn launch, he jokes about his bucketlist admitting: “I hope I don’t kick it”.

“I’m turning 50 next May,” he goes on to say.

“It does weigh on my mind but not in a bad way. 40 was a bit ugh, but 50 is a different prospect altogether. Mostly because you stop giving a damn really about what people think of you.”


He adds: “You don’t really take on board bulls**t, you just live your life as you wanted as long as you’re kind and civil if you can be both of those things. That’s the credo. I have achieved a lot in my life. I have a very charmed existence. I’m open to new ideas of course, I’m ready.”

This includes not being bothered by negative comments about The Late Late Show which he has hosted since 2009.

“I don’t trawl Twitter on a Saturday. I just don’t care. I told my radio and TV colleagues a few years ago, that we are not making television or radio for Twitter. Twitter is a small percentage, they are loud but they will not be the judge of what we do.”

Ryan Tubridy Pic: Andres Poveda Photography

“I ignore it all. It’s so easy to do. A few years ago, I would be so needy and so weak of spirit that I would have to go off and read it. And I would go off and cry about how awful people are. But now I don’t have to. I can just get on with this.”

The Late Late Show for its 61st season later this year.

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